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  • Love Is Love Ring

Love Is Love Ring

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Love is in the FLAIR! Ever have that situationship where you and your crush realize that timing is truly everything? Like they’re perfect, even your friends are fans, the chemistry is there and you just know that if the stars ever aligned it would be cosmic waves of relationship energy, but you’re just never single at the same time???

Welp, this new cutie ring is kinda like that bc it’s a fan fave, perfect for you, and it’ll be ready to ship in 4 weeks!

There’s no guarantee on your love life but there is on your heart! See warranty options upon checkout.

Comes in sizes 6, 7, and 8

The heart measures approximately 15mm, but each is a bit unique just like you. Each piece is made of borosilicate glass and kiln-annealed at F1050 degrees for strength and durability.

Handmade in the USA 

Small Batch & Ready to ship in 4wks